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Metaphors and cognitive deceits

Mary Midgley comes close to Pepper when she concludes her article on “The Selfish Metaphor” Recognising the cultural origins of evolution’s metaphors and that we are slowly, painfully, creating new ones takes the drama out of things, but it … Continue reading

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“I’m dyslexic” from a Pepperian Perspective

Pepper’sriddle allows us to place “I am dyslexic” self-assigned claims, squarely in the Formicist world-view mode. This is further confirmed by the added “Once a dyslexic, always a dyslexic!” Experts who label (for which read ‘diagnose’)  reading and writing difficulties, … Continue reading

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Pepper’s Riddle as a Policy Tool

How to manage change has long been a matter of political and educational debate.  The debate switches focus around leadership qualities, resistance to change, or how to modernise institutions and their thinking. And yet much of the debate about the … Continue reading

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Anti-innovation mind sets

I’m not a lone voice in condemning the ‘keep it simple -stupid’ and ‘anti-innovation’ mind-set found in so many UK institutions; from education, through industry to research. Today’s Financial Times (February 5 / 6) has three relevant letters: two on … Continue reading

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