Whatever happened to the spirits that we once believed controlled us?

Once we were able to blame benevolent or malevolent spirits for affecting our behaviour. Although many no longer hold to such a belief some still do. The gap left when spirits were no longer held responsible for our actions was filled by the deities whose pleasure or displeasure we invoked. Again, although many no longer hold the deities responsible for our actions, some still do.

It is tempting to believe that in this increasingly humanistic and scientific ageall vestiges of belief in entities beyond the self to explain the self have been eliminated. However, if is true that nature abhors a vacuum, the question becomes what, if anything has filled the gap left by the absence of spirits and deities?

Well we don’t have to look very far to discover the gaps have been filled by entities like autism, dyslexia, bi-polar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Asperger’s syndrome and a host of others conditions.

It looks as though the shamans of the past have now been replaced by cognitive neuro-scientists, who hold our brains but not ourselves to be responsible for our abilities and our actions. So much for scientific progress.

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