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‘Outstanding’ is an inappropriate pedagogic criterion

There are two models for judging performance in general and educational performance in particular: norm- and criterion- referenced. A norm-referenced model assumes a ‘normal’ ( generally described as a bell-shaped curve) distribution of performance.  As a consequence, whatever the absolute … Continue reading

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Mono, bi, or multiculturalism? A personal insight.

We’ve been told for some time now, by politicians, that we live in a multicultural society. But while society might be multicultural, can individuals be multicultural? If speech provides evidence of this then the evidence from the spoken language of … Continue reading

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What does the change from an ‘ology to an entity tell us?

Once, the suffix -ology indicated ‘study of’. Thus psychology was the study of the ‘psyche’; technology, the study of machines and methodology, the study of methods. Current usage has changed, from an ‘ology as a field of study (verb) to … Continue reading

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Difficulty, challenge or difficult challenge

The word ‘challenge’ has largely replaced the word ‘difficulty’ in much public discourse, as for example in ‘challenging behaviour’.  Since it is used so frequently and in so many different contexts it has become almost meaningless, reducing in many instances … Continue reading

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The hegemony of psychology in education

Despite psychologists forever telling teachers how to teach so that pupils and students learn and so that learning difficulties can be overcome, employers complain still about the lack of a sufficiently skilled work force; politicians complain about poor reading and … Continue reading

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