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Understanding the change from “I was standing / I stood” to “I was stood”

Is it only in the UK that we no longer hear the past or present continuous forms of the verbs ‘to sit’ and ‘to stand’? Not too long ago, for the past tense we would hear others utter either “I … Continue reading

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Teaching is a euphemism for telling and showing

It is amazing that millions of years of human evolution have resulted in the notion that the young of the species ‘best learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be a fully functioning adult member of society’ by taking them … Continue reading

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A language-action mis-match: the basis for metaphysics?

Today my 5 years and 7 month grand-daughter, sitting on her bottom, bumped her way down the stairs, instead of walking down. As she did so she spontaneously counted 1, 2, …11, 12 as she descended each step. When she … Continue reading

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Christian / ? puzzle solved?

In my last blog I was searching for a Christian equivalent of Arabia in the equation Muslim / Arab :: Christian / ? I identified one of the problems as that of perspective; Muslim / Christian / Arab / European.  … Continue reading

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Muslim / Arab :: Christian / ?

Why I wonder, has the label for the inhabitants of one nation, (Saudi) Arabia, become a generic label for Muslims round the southern and eastern edges of the Mediterranean? The question is prompted by the fact that there is no … Continue reading

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