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From lottery to the lesson of protest

In an earlier blog I puzzled over the lesson Year 1 pupils learned after being told there were too many for all to attend an after-school art club. My granddaughter’s school has now rethought their position after parents complained about … Continue reading

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Early school lessons in the lottery of life?

My almost 6 year old granddaughter was excited at the prospect of joining a free after-school art group, to be held at her school. Her expectation has, however, been dashed because the number of pupils has been restricted to 20 … Continue reading

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Two weeks of using your ‘wrong’ hand to stir your tea helps you control your anger

The Daily Mail (March 9) carried a report of Dr Thomas Denson’s  research showing that carrying out a number of tasks with the wrong hand (left for right handers and right for left handers) over the course of 2 weeks … Continue reading

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Delivering advice versus advising!

The days of advising others have passed and instead an  industry has been established which delivers advice. On the assumption that changing word form signifies a change in world meaning, what are the implications for this changed world? A clue … Continue reading

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