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Bi-polarity: not only in the head but in the nation?

I was staggered by the obscene number of US dollars spent in the recent battle for the US presidency. There seemed to be no limit to this spending ritual. I was left wondering how many individual, family, organization and business hardships would … Continue reading

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What do the global financial crisis, Lance Armstrong, Jimmy Savile and the British Psychological Society have in common?

What have the following in common? The global financial crisis; Lance Armstrong; MPs’ expenses, the press phone hacking and the Jimmy Savile scandals; the list is almost endless. The, perhaps, non-obvious answer is they are all instances of systemic failure within institutions … Continue reading

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Police and Crime Commissioner: the Americanisation of British culture: the thin edge of the wedge?

Surely in a nation state policing is policing is policing; and were you to relocate from one part of England to another you would expect the same set of policing priorities to exist.  Apparently not so, now in England. In … Continue reading

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