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Is the description ‘reflecting, theorising and modelling practitioner’ gobbledegook? The British Psychological Society says “Yes”.

Is the attribution ‘reflecting, theorising and modelling practitioner’ gobbleydegook? The British Psychological Society (BPS) believes it is. Since these attributes, used separately, describe how the BPS itself operates the question arises as to why it should regard the concatenation to … Continue reading

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Teaching, performance related pay and the real world!

Some believe that education is a business like any other and therefore not only should its primary beneficiaries -that is successful pupils- be rewarded with starred performance ratings but so should those responsible for enabling such successes -that is their … Continue reading

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The American constitution, the gun lobby, the Qur’an and radical Islam

Those American citizens who support the gun lobby, do so primarily by referring to the 2nd Amendment of the American Constitution. This amendment states: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of … Continue reading

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Obsorne’s Autumn Budget: how can the same facts be cited as evidence for opposing interpretations?

It would seem from reports about George Osborne’s recent Autumn Budget, that there was little dispute over the facts on the economy. However, whilst the Tories cited the facts as supporting evidence for a ‘more of the same’ policy, Labour … Continue reading

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Ed Balls’ stutter: Mehdi Hasan’s analogy with dyslexia and Quentin Letts’ commonsense

Ed Balls explanation for his ‘inadvertent’ “not” when replying to George Osborne’s autumn budget statement, which he blamed on his life-long stutter was interesting in itself. What is more interesting, however, is that when Quentin Letts, effectively rubbished this account on … Continue reading

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