Is the description ‘reflecting, theorising and modelling practitioner’ gobbledegook? The British Psychological Society says “Yes”.

Is the attribution ‘reflecting, theorising and modelling practitioner’ gobbleydegook? The British Psychological Society (BPS) believes it is. Since these attributes, used separately, describe how the BPS itself operates the question arises as to why it should regard the concatenation to be utter nonsense and unworthy of inclusion in a home-based family-workshop  -conducted for educational purposes- report. Is it that while it can deal with the separate parts separately it cannot deal with them together; either as the sum of the parts or as signalling an attribute greater than the sum of its parts?

The context might help to partly explain but not justify the BPS’s position. It was when denying the validity of expert judgment that latent / converted handedness is a core body-mind condition, that it chose to regard the reflecting, theorising and modelling description of expertise as outwith its own definition of ‘compliance to standard orthodoxy’; and therefore evidence of professional misconduct!

The inability of the BPS to accept the legitimacy of the reflecting, theorising and modelling description of expertise goes a long way to explain why its psychologists in general and educational psychologists in particular have been unable to help in ‘school’ improvement as measured by pupils’ well-being and academic success. It lauds compliance to competence articulated ritual as more worthy than experiences rooted in critical pedagogy.

The BPS’s position is characteristic of those who adopt a simplistic mechanicist world-view rather than that of those who adopt a complext textualist world-view.

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