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The BPS would be happy with a 12 year old writing an expert witness report: would you?

The British Psychological Society’s (BPS) official position on the expertise required for a Chartered  (Educational) Psychologist’s witness report to be regarded as expert is that it should be capable of being comprehended by those with a Reading Age of 12.  … Continue reading

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The NHS isn’t the only organisation to impose gagging orders: the BPS does so too

The NHS isn’t the only organization to impose gagging orders on its staff. The BPS has effectively done so on at least one of its members since 2006. For what can only be described as self-serving reasons the British Psychological … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the language of facts and proof?

The simple answer to whatever happened to the language of facts and proof is that they have been conflated into the single notion ‘evidence’. One implication is that ‘evidence’ speaks for itself since it doesn’t have to be proved. But … Continue reading

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Does the shift from ‘conduct’ to ‘behaviour’ terminolgy reflect a shift in mental set?

Not too long ago we talked in terms of how people conducted themselves at work or in public. And before that we referred to the way people acted.  Now we seem to be  concerned with how people behave and / … Continue reading

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Gove’s changed examinations tactic and his rhetoric of rigour

What does Michael Gove’s change of tactic on public examinations tell us? From a political perspective it demonstrates that he has listened to those who critiqued his initial policy proposal. If he hadn’t changed he could be accused of not … Continue reading

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