Looking nervous, and gesturing with her left hand, she continued…(Baroness Chakrabarti)

I watched Robert Peston interview Baroness Chakrabarti on Peston on Sunday (ITV) and noted that she ‘spoke’ mostly with her left hand. This would make her a leftie, in the true sense of the word were she to also write with her left hand.

But I’ve not watched her writing so it’s not possible to say whether she is a true leftie or a converted / latent left hander; or just talking ‘emotionally’.

What is intriguing is that when Peston put it to her that she would be accused of hypocrisy for sending her own son to a private school she said she believed that many people were “deeply scarred by the 11-plus exam and that kind of segregation”.

It was equally intriguing the way she played around with ‘left’ and ‘right’. Taking the phrases out of context we have:

  • All I will say is that I live a charmed and a privileged life, much more than I did as a child. But people on the left have often had charmed lives.
  • This thing about selection: if you have got money, you will always be all right. If you don’t have money in this country you are increasingly not all right and that’s why I have joined the Labour Party.

And the final intriguing fact is that Lucy Fisher, the Times Senior Political Correspondent commented with forensic detail on Peston’s interview with her, (October 10) noting her left hand gesturing!!! It is unusual for a journalist to comment on hand ‘use’ when reporting on an interview. I don’t know whether Lucy Fisher realized the full significance of her observation!

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