Three potential targets: why the Ariana Grande Concert?

Last week Manchester hosted three major public events:

  • 22nd May, the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena;
  • 27th May, the Arcadis Great CityGames which took place on the Great CityGames track on Deansgate in the heart of the city, and at the purpose built athletics arena in Albert Square;
  • 28th May, the Simplyhealth Great Manchester (half marathon and 10k) Run.
  • Many people attended each of these venues and therefore any one of them could have been the target for the suicide bomber Salman Ramadan Adebi. So why did he choose the Ariana Grande concert as the right target? Four reasons stand out.

    • an enclosed space, therefore maximum impact
    • the Qur’anic belief that females are not as ‘worthy’ as males. The Arena is where the greatest number of young female victims were gathered.
    • pathological hatred of ‘Western’ music imbibed from his mother
    • present to his father, known as Ramadan Adebi, before the onset of Ramadan on Friday 27th May! Salman apparently told his parents he needed his passport back because he was going to Saudi Arabia which met with their approval

    What needs explaining is why only some Muslims believe that all non-Muslims or members of other sects have no right to live in peaceful harmony with themselves and are therefore legitimate targets for annihilation? Why do they scapegoat others for their own inadequacies? The answer clearly can’t lie in Islamic texts themselves, else all Muslims would act the same way.

    One explanation is that they are unable or unwilling to channel an ill-at-easeness within themselves. And what do we all do when we feel we cannot control our own lives? Simple: blame others! And what might one source of their ill-at-easeness be? Knowing that they are doing right with their ‘good, writing and rites’ hand’ (eg. holding the Bible or the Qur’an in the right hand to declare the truth of one’s utterances), when in fact their wright or adept hand is their left hand. As a ‘devout’ follower of one brand of Islam Salman Adebi would have followed a particular set of (anti-humanitarian) rites, as a ‘righty’ when in truth he was a lefty. For evidence, apart from the way he follows the pattern of other suicide bombers, watch the CCTV footage from The Daily Star

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