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A BBC bias towards reductionist account of autism?

Has anyone, the BBC itself included, any clue as to why the BBC’s Today programme reported on a study which points to new genetic risks for autism but failed to cover the New Scientist’s piece, several weeks ago, on the … Continue reading

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Uta Frith vs Julian Elliott on dyslexia: and autism

Those familiar with Stephen Pepper’s World Hypotheses: A Study in Evidence, won’t be surprised at Uta Frith’s (FT Pioneering Force 11 October 12 October 2014 ) disagreement with Julian Elliott over the nature of dyslexia and its treatment. They inhabited … Continue reading

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Autism: was Tinbergen correct after all?

The New Scientist (13th September 2014) published a brief article entitled: “Early autism intervention shows promise”. In a pilot study Sally Rogers and Sally Ozonoff at the University of California, Davis, taught (that is interacted with) parents of seven infants … Continue reading

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Infants’ atypical hand use and autism: consequence, cause or concomitant?

The journal Child Development recently reported the results of a study by Libertus and others into the the onset and functional implications of differences in early motor development of infants later diagnosed as autistic.  They noted that “atypical motor behaviors … Continue reading

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Finger function or infants’ precision vs whole hand grasp: a previously unknown understanding?

Jeff Loucks and A. Sommerville published an article on-line on The Role of Motor Experience in Understanding Action Function: The Case of the Precision Grasp. In the article they stated that a habituation paradigm assessed 10-month-old infants’ (N = 62) … Continue reading

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Anchors or points on the autistic spectrum?

Over the past few weeks the New Scientist has published two letters from self-declared autistic authors. Proebsting (12 November, p35) claimed not to be but to have autism;  a major aspect of which is insensitivity. Lavender (26 November, p31) claims … Continue reading

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