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Last warning now! Right!!!

This is a perfect example of how the hegemony of the right operates. The “Last warning now! Right!!!! was uttered by an overweight, short’s wearing father while holding with his left hand his son’s – aged 3-4 – right hand … Continue reading

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Dyslexology: more in common with astrology than with forensic anthropology?

Two weeks ago I attended a lecture on ‘the real world of forensic anthropology’ by Prof Sue Black at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. It was truly inspiring. Prof Black is a leading forensic anthropologist and director of … Continue reading

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When left is wrong: a 4 year old’s instance of the hegemony of the /right/

When getting ready for school, 4 year old grandson Gabriel and I regularly ‘play’ the putting on the shoes game before going to school. We sit two steps up the turn of the stairs. The ‘game’ consists of saying and … Continue reading

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TEDx Salford IV: Festival of the Mind: A handedness meta-perspective

All of last Sunday’s TEDx Salford Festival of the Mind sessions ( were thoroughly thought provoking. However, for those interested in the link between minds and hands there is another, greater-than-the sum-of the-parts, meta-perspective worth commenting on. Up to the … Continue reading

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Infants’ atypical hand use and autism: consequence, cause or concomitant?

The journal Child Development recently reported the results of a study by Libertus and others into the the onset and functional implications of differences in early motor development of infants later diagnosed as autistic.  They noted that “atypical motor behaviors … Continue reading

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Ed Balls’ stutter: Mehdi Hasan’s analogy with dyslexia and Quentin Letts’ commonsense

Ed Balls explanation for his ‘inadvertent’ “not” when replying to George Osborne’s autumn budget statement, which he blamed on his life-long stutter was interesting in itself. What is more interesting, however, is that when Quentin Letts, effectively rubbished this account on … Continue reading

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Finger function or infants’ precision vs whole hand grasp: a previously unknown understanding?

Jeff Loucks and A. Sommerville published an article on-line on The Role of Motor Experience in Understanding Action Function: The Case of the Precision Grasp. In the article they stated that a habituation paradigm assessed 10-month-old infants’ (N = 62) … Continue reading

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