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Dyslexology: more in common with astrology than with forensic anthropology?

Two weeks ago I attended a lecture on ‘the real world of forensic anthropology’ by Prof Sue Black at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. It was truly inspiring. Prof Black is a leading forensic anthropologist and director of … Continue reading

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The media, handedness and paedophilia

Prof Tanya Byron, in BBC4′s ‘The Truth About Child Sex Abuse’, travelled all the way to Toronto to get Prof James Cantor in Toronto to trot out his finding that non-right handedness is more than three times as likely among … Continue reading

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Flowers (of Co-op infamy) and the validity of psychometric testing

The FT August 8, 2014 reported on the Co-op’s corporate governance overhaul. It reported that the former methodist minister, Paul Flowers was branded “unqualified” for the role following the bank’s near collapse. The most important revelation, however, from a psychologist’s perspective … Continue reading

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If you’re certain you know you’re right put up your right hand

BBC Radio 4′s ‘Today in Parliament’ broadcast on Wed 8th January dealt with the issue of fiddling crime statistics .  The investigatory committee was the Public Administration Committee, chaired by Bernard Jenkin.  During the course of the report an intriguing … Continue reading

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