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Dyslexology: more in common with astrology than with forensic anthropology?

Two weeks ago I attended a lecture on ‘the real world of forensic anthropology’ by Prof Sue Black at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. It was truly inspiring. Prof Black is a leading forensic anthropologist and director of … Continue reading

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Seeing double: further steps in the left-to-right or right-to-left story

Remember the story so far? Gabriel ‘air writing’ the number 422, but by pointing right-to-left (RTL) while saying ie reading out, “2,2,4″. And that the interpretation is that Gabriel is a latent left hander. The next steps should provide sufficient … Continue reading

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Right to left reading writing: what a 4 year old can teach us

Walking back home, uphill, with my 4 year old grandson, Gabriel, the other day, we were chatting when he announced that he lived at “two two four”. In fact he lives at 422 ie. “four two two”. Clearly he has … Continue reading

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The creative spark and dyslexia

In commenting on Gillian Tett’s “How to ignite the creative spark” (FT August 16/17 2014) Mereengineer (FT Magazine, Issue number 577) comments on only one aspect of her account, namely that of creating an ‘open-ended’ environment composed of individuals from … Continue reading

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Harry Redknapp and simple truths?

Unlike many who cite  ‘dyslexia’ for their difficulty with reading, writing and being disorganised, Harry Redknapp kept to a simple truth by calling reading / writing difficulties exactly what they are: reading, writing and organization difficulties. And using the ‘tip … Continue reading

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The dyslexo-centric universe: its pre-Copernican status & fabro-centric alternative

The dyslexo-centric universe At the heart of the dyslexo-centric universe is the definition of the word dyslexia itself. Thus as an entity ‘dyslexia’ is rather curiously defined as a specific but multifaceted neurological condition involving a phonological language deficit. The … Continue reading

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“I’m dyslexic” from a Pepperian Perspective

Pepper’sriddle allows us to place “I am dyslexic” self-assigned claims, squarely in the Formicist world-view mode. This is further confirmed by the added “Once a dyslexic, always a dyslexic!” Experts who label (for which read ‘diagnose’)  reading and writing difficulties, … Continue reading

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