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Three potential targets: why the Ariana Grande Concert?

Last week Manchester hosted three major public events: 22nd May, the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena; 27th May, the Arcadis Great CityGames which took place on the Great CityGames track on Deansgate in the heart of the city, … Continue reading

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Nadal’s ‘agitated’ right hand!

I have long been puzzled by Rafael’s complicated right hand rituals as he is about to serve with his left hand. I didn’t attempt to solve this puzzle until recently hearing a commentator say that Nadal played tennis with his … Continue reading

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Wilshaw’s focus on teachers and teaching rather than learners and learning is misplaced

Sir Michael Wilshaw has launched an online at-a-glance report card for each school, which he wants governors to use to hold head teachers to account. And in order to incentivize them he wants govenors to be paid. So having ‘blamed’ teachers, … Continue reading

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The BPS would be happy with a 12 year old writing an expert witness report: would you?

The British Psychological Society’s (BPS) official position on the expertise required for a Chartered  (Educational) Psychologist’s witness report to be regarded as expert is that it should be capable of being comprehended by those with a Reading Age of 12.  … Continue reading

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Ed Balls’ stutter: Mehdi Hasan’s analogy with dyslexia and Quentin Letts’ commonsense

Ed Balls explanation for his ‘inadvertent’ “not” when replying to George Osborne’s autumn budget statement, which he blamed on his life-long stutter was interesting in itself. What is more interesting, however, is that when Quentin Letts, effectively rubbished this account on … Continue reading

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Bi-polarity: not only in the head but in the nation?

I was staggered by the obscene number of US dollars spent in the recent battle for the US presidency. There seemed to be no limit to this spending ritual. I was left wondering how many individual, family, organization and business hardships would … Continue reading

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Police and Crime Commissioner: the Americanisation of British culture: the thin edge of the wedge?

Surely in a nation state policing is policing is policing; and were you to relocate from one part of England to another you would expect the same set of policing priorities to exist.  Apparently not so, now in England. In … Continue reading

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Ofsted: outstanding and potential

Ofsted still persists in using norm-referenced criteria when judging the ‘performance’ of schools in the task of educating pupils. Given Ofsted’s criticism of those schools who are still rated merely ‘satisfactory’, one can only assume they would aim for all … Continue reading

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A Pepperian approach to tackling the English riots

Most commentators ask, “What’s the cause of the recent looting, arson, property damage and murders, in England?”.   Some go further and ask for a public inquiry.  Others also say, “Punish the offenders as harshly as possible to teach them the … Continue reading

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Problems, predicaments, puzzles and paradoxes

Do we want a nation of pupils and students who can think critically by successfully tackling problems, predicaments, puzzles and paradoxes and do so using pen and paper? Or would we prefer a nation of pupils and students who merely … Continue reading

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