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Is ‘radicalisation’ a substitute for ‘brain washing’?

Brainwashing was once the label given to the process whereby someone was induced to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and accept contrasting and often opposing ideas. When the connotations were bad this was otherwise known … Continue reading

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Where’s the common-ground: different worlds or dumbing down?

Would you say that ‘hire’ means ‘replacement’, and ‘not repairable’ means ‘not worth repairing’? And that ‘Mary’s’ and ‘Mary s’ means the same thing? For some there are no differences! Recently another motorist drove into me. Instead of letting my … Continue reading

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Uta Frith vs Julian Elliott on dyslexia: and autism

Those familiar with Stephen Pepper’s World Hypotheses: A Study in Evidence, won’t be surprised at Uta Frith’s (FT Pioneering Force 11 October 12 October 2014 ) disagreement with Julian Elliott over the nature of dyslexia and its treatment. They inhabited … Continue reading

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Autism: was Tinbergen correct after all?

The New Scientist (13th September 2014) published a brief article entitled: “Early autism intervention shows promise”. In a pilot study Sally Rogers and Sally Ozonoff at the University of California, Davis, taught (that is interacted with) parents of seven infants … Continue reading

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Nadal’s ‘agitated’ right hand!

I have long been puzzled by Rafael’s complicated right hand rituals as he is about to serve with his left hand. I didn’t attempt to solve this puzzle until recently hearing a commentator say that Nadal played tennis with his … Continue reading

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Alex Polizzi and Gordon Ramsay: progressive problem shifting exemplars?

Neither Alex Polizzi nor Gordon Ramsay are known as cognitive behavioural therapists nor advocates of ‘the talking cures’. And yet anyone who has watched Alex Polizzi in her role as The Fixer on TV’s BBC 2 or Gordon Ramsay in … Continue reading

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BPS condemns expert’s action-research practice.

Faigman argues that as a general matter the various types of expert testimony courts see can be divided roughly into five categories. In summary: In the first category are experts who propose to testify to a general or specific scientific … Continue reading

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Gove’s changed examinations tactic and his rhetoric of rigour

What does Michael Gove’s change of tactic on public examinations tell us? From a political perspective it demonstrates that he has listened to those who critiqued his initial policy proposal. If he hadn’t changed he could be accused of not … Continue reading

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Is the description ‘reflecting, theorising and modelling practitioner’ gobbledegook? The British Psychological Society says “Yes”.

Is the attribution ‘reflecting, theorising and modelling practitioner’ gobbleydegook? The British Psychological Society (BPS) believes it is. Since these attributes, used separately, describe how the BPS itself operates the question arises as to why it should regard the concatenation to … Continue reading

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The American constitution, the gun lobby, the Qur’an and radical Islam

Those American citizens who support the gun lobby, do so primarily by referring to the 2nd Amendment of the American Constitution. This amendment states: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of … Continue reading

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