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Stuttering, dyslexia and science, what science?

On 2 APRIL 2016 the New Scientist published an article by Norman Miller entitled, “Getting the word out”. I sent the following ‘letter’ Letter to New Scientist Note the similarities between his (Miller’s) account of stuttering and Samuel Orton’s 1930 … Continue reading

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The media, handedness and paedophilia

Prof Tanya Byron, in BBC4′s ‘The Truth About Child Sex Abuse’, travelled all the way to Toronto to get Prof James Cantor in Toronto to trot out his finding that non-right handedness is more than three times as likely among … Continue reading

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Autism: was Tinbergen correct after all?

The New Scientist (13th September 2014) published a brief article entitled: “Early autism intervention shows promise”. In a pilot study Sally Rogers and Sally Ozonoff at the University of California, Davis, taught (that is interacted with) parents of seven infants … Continue reading

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Nadal’s ‘agitated’ right hand!

I have long been puzzled by Rafael’s complicated right hand rituals as he is about to serve with his left hand. I didn’t attempt to solve this puzzle until recently hearing a commentator say that Nadal played tennis with his … Continue reading

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Infants’ atypical hand use and autism: consequence, cause or concomitant?

The journal Child Development recently reported the results of a study by Libertus and others into the the onset and functional implications of differences in early motor development of infants later diagnosed as autistic.  They noted that “atypical motor behaviors … Continue reading

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Does the shift from ‘conduct’ to ‘behaviour’ terminolgy reflect a shift in mental set?

Not too long ago we talked in terms of how people conducted themselves at work or in public. And before that we referred to the way people acted.  Now we seem to be  concerned with how people behave and / … Continue reading

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Two weeks of using your ‘wrong’ hand to stir your tea helps you control your anger

The Daily Mail (March 9) carried a report of Dr Thomas Denson’s  research showing that carrying out a number of tasks with the wrong hand (left for right handers and right for left handers) over the course of 2 weeks … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the spirits that we once believed controlled us?

Once we were able to blame benevolent or malevolent spirits for affecting our behaviour. Although many no longer hold to such a belief some still do. The gap left when spirits were no longer held responsible for our actions was … Continue reading

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